St Osyth Road East, Clacton-on-sea , Essex, CO16 9PH

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Engaines Primary School and Nursery

Achieving great things together

About Us

Engaines Primary School is a Foundation Primary School with places for a maximum of 270 children. We provide places for the children of families who live within our Parish Boundaries and these take up about 55% of the places available. The rest of the places are taken up by people from the surrounding area of which a large proportion of those come from the town of Clacton.

Why do so many choose us? We believe the answer is possibly that many parents see what we have to offer in this ‘relatively small village primary school’ as a desirable alternative to the much larger urban primaries. We are without any doubt a very successful school but importantly just one successful school surrounded by many other successful schools. Our school environment is vibrant and academic and our children are happy and thriving within the learning environment that we have worked hard to create over the years.