About Us

Engaines Primary School and Nursery has a published admission number of thirty-eight children per year group (Reception to Year 6) and 26 children places in our nursery. It is situated in the village of Little Clacton, with the the school celebrating its hundredth year anniversary in 2014. It is a larger than average primary school with 302 pupils organised into eleven classes: one nursery unit; one EYFS unit; three Key Stage 1 classes (Year1, Year1/2, Year 2); in Key Stage Two classes we have (Year 3, Year 3/4, Year 4/5, Year 5; two year 6). The school is oversubscribed for the Reception Year (120 applications were received for September 2020), as well as many mid-year applications being received throughout the year. 

On-entry baseline assessment takes place at the start of the Reception year and almost all pupils enter at a stage that is below the expected age of development (noted by Ofsted in our last inspection). Progress is good for most from these starting points.

Following our Ofsted inspection in July 2016, the school is now judged as ‘Good’ in all areas: this was last achieved in 2002. School Improvement strategies have been successful. The introduction of a Growth Mindset ethos and ‘Learning without Limits’ philosophy, underpinned by Kagan structures and ‘Chilli Pepper’ challenges, has enabled our children to become more resilient, confident learners: indeed our Collaborative Learning philosophy was recognised as an Area of Excellence in our Challenge Partner review ( April 2017)

We believe passionately about sharing practice with other schools and organisations, in order to improve our childrens’ experiences and ensure outcomes continue to improve. We work with a group of schools within the Tendring area.

Our nursery was a new addition to the school in January 2017 which we are very proud of. We can already see the children that have attended our nursery making good progress in our reception class. We are also able to offer good support early for our most vulnerable families.

The school provides care for pupils from 8am to 4.30pm by running a breakfast and after school clubs. The Healthy Schools Award has been achieved for the second time. In addition, the school was presented with the Attachment Aware School Award, recognising that staff have been trained and take account of the emotional well-being of pupils.          

Our web-site further strengthens our community links and helps us fully meet the demands of a modern, forward-thinking school, where communication is key to keeping all our communities updated. In addition we now have Facebook and School Jotter links, to keep our families and friends fully informed about day-to-day events.

As our children, families and visitors enter our school, they can see our mission statement of ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed’, which is our core belief.