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SEN and Disability Support

Everyone at Engaines takes great pride in the excellent work that is carried out with children who have Special Educational Needs and our policy is simply to identify those needs as early as possible and put in place the support that the child needs to help them overcome those problems. This approach, we believe, helps us to maintain our high standards.

Arrangements for Pupils with Special Educational Needs

The progress of each child is closely monitored by their class teacher from the first day in the Reception class until they move on to secondary school. If a child is considered to be under achieving or experiencing difficulty in coping with basic skills in reading, writing or number work, they will be offered learning support after consultation with parents. This support will be reviewed termly by the child’s class teacher, the learning support teacher and parents. In some instances, it may be necessary, after further consultation with parents, to refer a child to the Educational Psychologist and for the child to be statemented under the terms of the 1981 Education Act. The school can also arrange support for children and their families from other organisations.

Arrangements for Pupils with Medical Needs/Disabilities

Engaines has a policy of negotiating with parents on how the school can best support the individual medical needs of the child. This applies to short term, long-term or permanent requirements. If you feel that we can assist in the management of your child’s condition, please contact the school.

Mrs Jo Ford is Engaines Primary School and Nursery SENCO, please call 01255 860210 if you would like to discuss any issues, or you can email

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