The Department of Education has allocated  'catch up premium' funding in order for schools to address the children's gaps in learning that occurred during the national lockdowns.



Engaines Primary School and Nursery Strategy Statement.

As a school we need to identify where additional catch-up support may be required by carrying out rigorous and robust assessment of all our children’s emotional resilience, attitude and readiness to learn, physical wellbeing and their academic attainment.  Once teachers know the starting points for each child, they can then effectively modify the curriculum to address gaps in knowledge and target individual children who require additional support.  Particular focus will be on disadvantaged, SEND and vulnerable children, because research has shown that children in those groups have been the most adversely affected.  Please find our COVID19 Catch Up Premium Plan for 2020/2021 below which outlines how we will spend the money allocated to us to support the children's learning.