Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are created to ensure every safety precaution possible is made in order to keep everyone within school safe.

The Department of Education have stated that the governing body and senior leaders are required by law to think about the risks the staff and pupils face during the current pandemic and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise them. Of course, they recognise the school cannot  eliminate all the risks of coronavirus (COVID-19).

School employers must therefore make sure that a risk assessment has been undertaken to identify the measures needed to reduce the risks from coronavirus (COVID-19) so far as is reasonably practicable and make the school COVID-secure. General information on how to make a workplace COVID-secure, including how to approach a coronavirus (COVID-19) risk assessment, is provided by the HSE guidance on working safely.

All school leaders and staff members are required to regularly review the latest information produced by the DFE, Public Health and the Local Education Authority regularly and amend the school's risk assessment accordingly. 

At Engaines Primary School and Nursery the Risk Assessment is updated and shared with stakeholders monthly, unless it is necessary to revisit it earlier, for example when a national lock down is announced. The latest Risk Assessment is below.