Giraffe class - Year 3/4 - Miss Warnes

This term in Class MW, work has been completed in connection with our topic on Kings and Queens.

Much of the work this term, will be based on the Tudors and the Victorians. We started out by finding out about the role of the monarchy in the world today and learning about our current queen, Elizabeth II. We then moved back in time, towards 1485 and found out about the battle between Richard III and Henry Tudor at the battle of Bosworth. We are currently learning about the Tudor monarchs and how they shaped history before moving on to the Victorians.

Shakespeare was a key figure of the Tudor period and we have based our Literacy work on the Tempest. It starts with a ship wreck caused by Prospero’s magic who creates a magnificent storm. We used this as a basis to write our own story openers. The children’s stories are full of description and high quality language. We will then read the rest of the story before using this to complete some journalistic writing.

Science work also links to our topic. Did you know that it was desirable to have black teeth in Tudor times? It was a sign of wealth as the rich were the only ones who could afford sugar! Did you know that the rich also liked to eat swan, peacock and blackbirds as part of their diet? They just loved to eat meat!  This led us onto work on the digestive system and teeth.

Maths is taught daily and we have been working on understanding numbers up to 10,000! We will now be moving onto adding and subtracting before covering multiplication and division before Christmas. Times tables are a key objective which need to be practised and recalled quickly. By the end of year 4, all children should aim to know all the facts up to 12 x 12. TTrockstars is helping us to improve.

The sports coaches are also back! This term we are learning to improve our basketball skills.

 It is a busy term and we are always aiming to learn lots and have fun!