Year 2 - Miss Warnes

This term in Class MW, all our work has been completed in connection with our ‘Save the Planet – The Ice Caps are Melting’ topic.

In Literacy, we have been consolidating our learning about different habitats and the effects of global warming and deforestation. We have been learning to write a story-opener, using the film ‘Over the Hedge’ as the inspiration for their own writing. We have been working hard to produce a class story-opener about Polar Bear in the Arctic and then the children have chosen their own hibernating animal to write their own story opener. We have now moved on to using the text- ‘Meerkat Mail’ and looking at writing postcards about places Sunny may have visited on his journey to visit his mongoose relatives. Once we have completed this Literacy unit, we will be exploring poetry and finally, we will move on to writing reports.

In Science and Geography sessions, the children have enjoyed spending time exploring the school grounds, looking for local and microhabitats, in addition to learning about British and world habitats. The children have particularly enjoyed learning about Kenya and we will be moving onto looking at Antarctica and how the continent is used to identify the effects of global warming. Additionally, we have used maps and globes to find out where in the world habitats are located. We have liked learning about the animals that live in them and the children have particularly enjoyed creating food chains and recognising carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We have also identified the human and physical features of a wide variety of habitats.

In connection with our topic, we have been learning about and creating Earth Art. As well as discussing the Earth Art movement, the children have been learning about significant artists, like Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. The children have particularly enjoyed collecting and grouping natural materials and creating Earth Art using these different materials outside. Recycling will used for our DT work next half term. Music is also linked to the topic and we are currently working on composing a song about the environment and using tuned instruments along with a computing program to do this.

The children have enjoyed their Maths work; we have been focusing on fractions and recapping the four operations. We are hoping to cover measure, time and further work on geometry before the end of term. The introduction to Rockstars has been great! The children love competing with themselves and others to recall times table facts quickly. We are starting with the 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables before moving on to the more challenging times tables. They love collecting the coins and spending them in the shop!

In PSHE, the children have been discussing ways to keep healthy and then we are moving on to exploring emotions. Additionally, we have been using the Zones

of Emotions to discuss our feelings daily and ensuring that we demonstrate the CHERISH values. We have also been demonstrating our understanding of different beliefs in R.E; the children have been exploring Special Symbols and Objects within a variety of religions.

It is a busy term and we are always aiming to learn lots and have fun!