Year 3 - Mrs Elmer

This term in Class 3ME we have been learning all about rainforests in connection with our ‘Save the Planet’ topic. The children found it interesting to learn about why rainforests are important to our planet. We have used maps to find out where in the world the rainforests are located. We enjoyed learning about the different layers of the rainforests and the animals that live in these layers.

In connection with our topic we have been learning about plants. After learning about what plants need to grow well, we designed our own experiment to find out about the best conditions for plants to grow in. The children were surprised to learn about how plants that live in the rainforest adapt to their surroundings. More recently we have been learning about ‘All Living Things’ where we have grouped animals according to their characteristics as well as using a classification key to classify animals. The children have particularly enjoyed designing a new animal that might be found in the rainforest-they had to think carefully about the characteristics of the animal so that their partner could classify the new animal. The designs were interesting! We have also been learning that habitats can change and that sometimes this poses dangers to living things. With this in mind, we have designed posters to try to encourage people to stop deforestation. To finish this unit of work off we learnt about food chains and considered the food chains that exist in the rainforests.

In Literacy we have been consolidating our learning about rainforests and have been learning to write non-chronological reports. We have worked hard to produce a class report about rainforests and next we will be writing out own report about the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Once we have completed this Literacy unit we will be learning about persuasive writing where we will attempt to persuade people to protect the rainforests.

Our GPS work has been focused on learning about nouns including common, abstract and collective nouns. We are currently working on learning all about paragraphs.

The children have enjoyed their Maths work, which has been all about fractions. We started off the term by revising the fractions work that children should have learnt in Year Two but didn’t due to lockdown one. We are currently learning more about fractions as we cover the intended unit for Year Three. The children have enjoyed using Numicon to help them to understand about unit and non-unit fractions as well as about fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths and tenths.