Owl class - Year 6 - Miss Bailey

Year 6, Owl Class, have started this final and exciting year by focusing on a topic called ‘Kings and Queens’. We have fully immersed ourselves by linking our Literacy, Science and History work to the topic. We are having great fun so far and cannot wait to discover more!

In Literacy, our focus has been Macbeth. We began by sharing the text, which resulted in a mixture of emotions. Many children were horrified by the events that unfolded whilst others, unnervingly, revelled in the guts and gore. So far, we have written a set of instructions that would be perfect for the three witches. The ingredients used were gruesome, blood drenched and bone chilling. How does “mouldy rat tails”, “ashes from a dead elephant” and “a crow’s feather slowing dipped in slug slime” sound? Our next focus is going to be a diary entry from the perspective of Macbeth, contemplating the task of killing King Duncan. Lots of emotive language will be included to emphasise the dilemma Macbeth faced.

We have covered lots in Maths! To begin with, we explored place value up to ten million and then used this new knowledge to support us in adding and subtracting six digit numbers. Multi-step problems have proved to be a little bit tricky and confusing but we are working on developing these skills. Next, we are going to tackle written methods for multiplication and division.

Science has involved discussions around what being healthy really means. We have explored healthy, balanced diets and considered alternatives to improve what we are eating. The Year 6’s were not impressed with the eating habits of King Henry VIII and were suitably outraged to discover his 5000 calories per day intake. If only he could try out our new and improved meal plans. Moving forward, we are testing the impact of exercise.

We have had great enjoyment delving into new facts about our topic during History lessons. Using King Henry VIII, we have learnt about the Battle of Bosworth, stereotypes of King Henry VIII and the stories behind his six wives. Remaining in the Tudor era, our next part of the topic to look more closely at is crime and punishment. There will be gore, there may be guts and there most certainly will be many executions!