Fox class - Year 3 - Miss Chapman

This term in Fox class our topic has been ‘Kings and Queens’.

In Literacy, we have been learning to write a story-opener, using the book ‘The Tempest’ as the inspiration for their own writing. Once we have completed this Literacy unit, we will be learning about journalistic writing which we will then use to write an article about King Henry VIII!

As part of our topic work, the children have enjoyed learning about our current monarch Queen Elizabeth II as well as monarchs during the Tudor period such as King Henry VIII. In connection to this, the children have explored which countries do and do not have a monarch and have been able to identify these on a map. They particularly enjoyed learning about the Battle of Bosworth and the relevance of the Tudor rose which they then made themselves.

We have started to learn about diets during the Tudor period which will lead to the learning of the digestive system in science. We have also started to learn a Tudor dance which has been amusing for both the children and myself!

So far in Math, we have been focusing on place value. The children have been given opportunities to go on Timestables Rockstars where they could practice their 1,2, 5 and 10 x tables, compete with their classmates and spend their earnings in the shop!

In PSHE, the children have been discussing what makes a good friend as well as exploring emotions by using our Zones of Emotions display to discuss our feelings. We have also been demonstrating our understanding of different beliefs in R.E through places of worship and will continue with exploring Special Symbols and objects within a variety of religions.