Tiger class - Year 1/2  - Mr Yeldon


We tigers started this new year with a purr and we're slowly learning to roar!   
Like all classes in the school this term, our topic is 'Kings and Queens' and it all started when the hats belonging to the adults in Key Stage 1, seemed to disappear!  An investigation ensued, the result of which saw a "letter" arriving in the mail from none other than the Queen herself, directing us to a fantastic book called, The Queen's Hat, which describes the time she lost a hat on account of a very naughty gust of London wind!  We've been reading the book closely, storyboarding it, providing actions to the story, and focusing on its key features.  
We've been looking at timelines in history class, and even the succession of the British Monarchy.  We've tackled some fun science, beginning our investigations into forces, and we've even made our own crowns and had a walk around the school to demonstrate how well-mannered and regal a streak of tigers can be!
In maths, we started, as we always do, with Place Value, focusing on representations of numbers and a good deal of counting forwards and backwards in different intervals.  We'll soon be adding and subtracting.
Amongst all this learning we've also been getting to know one another, adhering to our Tiger Rules, and constantly thinking about our Zones of Emotion and how to ensure everyone in class, and in the wider school, are CHERISHed.
We're having a brilliant, tigery time!