Attendance is above average at our school and we are very proud of this! Children love coming to school and we work hard to build resilience and positive attitudes.

Children may only miss school for a good reason. It is reasonable for your child to be absent because of:

  • Illness
  • Dental or medical appointments
  • Family bereavement
  • Religious observance

It is important that we have direct communication from parents or carers to explain an absence. We cannot accept a child’s explanation.

Please make every effort to keep in touch by whatever means suits you best. You can email or call the office to explain an absence. If we don’t hear from you we will get in touch. If no reason for absence has been given, you will be contacted promptly by the office or Headteacher and it may be followed up by the school’s Education Welfare Officer. The email address is 

Holidays within the school term should be avoided; if they have to be taken, prior permission must be sought from the Headteacher and Governors. Similarly, if there are special circumstances for missing school, it is important to make a request to the headteacher. Journeys abroad to see family in a country of origin, may be treated as a special case. Please see the Headteacher if you are planning such a trip.

Please telephone the school before 9am if your child is to be late for any reason such as a dental appointment. If your child is late for school you must report to the school office. Parents/carers will need to complete the 'Late Book' if after 8.55am.